The Life of a Tower Princess

by Sophia G.S.

I watch as ivy grows
Up the tower I reside,
Where each creeping vine knows
Where rays of sun manage to hide.

Up the tower I reside
Climb fools looking for gold,
Where rays of sunlight hide
Now waits for them a death so bold.

Climb fools looking for gold
Through window panes of broken glass,
Waiting for them a death so bold
From knights of well-earned class.

Through panes of broken glass
The fools’ fates are not seen,
From the knights of well-earned class
Fly blades and fists unclean.

The fools’ fates are not seen
But I must sit here nonetheless,
The flight of blades and fists unclean
Brings to me no new distress.

I must sit here nonetheless
As creeping vine move slow,
Resigned to me no new distress
I watch the ivy grow.